Search Engine Optimisation also referred to as SEO is the process of being found organically, online. Although your business’s SEO strategy will not magically rank you on page one, in the short term. Long term your strategy will play a significant role in generating authority, credibility, and trust with Google and other search engines.

Similar to the ice-berg analogy, at Novata Solutions we refer to the Tree Analogy. In order to rank number one for your target searches, your business must complete the ground work involved. In other words the roots of your SEO marketing strategy must be established.

Before we delve into the roots which will increase your business’s online visibility, organically. Let’s discuss the top three points you should consider before optimising your business.

Food for thought

  • There’s more to it than just keywords! – Believe it or not, in the large scale of activities involved, keywords are just one aspect in ranking for your business.
  • Don’t just consider Googles search engine – There’s Yahoo, Bing and so many more search engines widely available. Just be weary, they do have their own set of search algorithms in place. Know which search engine you’re optimising for and be consistent with your strategy.
  • An SEO strategy is a long term solution – If you are looking for fast results, consider a Search Engine Marketing or paid campaign to help speed up the process.

Our Roots

  • On Page – This essentially refers to any content published on your website.
  • Off Page – This works in line with your business’s online strategy, however has a major focus on building trustworthy links into and out of your website.
  • Local - This essentially refers to your business’s “autobiography”, from mission, to goals, brand identity, and call to action (CTA).
  • Analytics & Security – It is integral to understand who and when your audience are engaging with your website. In addition you should ensure that a strong security plan is in place to manage and maintain trust between your website, search engines and your users.
  • User Experience (UX) & Crawlability – The question is… how easy can your users and search engines navigate through your website?
  • Mobile Friendliness – Congratulation, you have launched your website but have you considered its mobile friendliness? Remember in today’s society a large majority of your users are engaging with your website on the go, so from their mobile device, but not everyone has the same sort of mobile. Ensure your site is dynamic between different device screens.

At Novata Solutions we are here and ready to talk about your business’s SEO Strategy.

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