In layman’s terms a thematic cluster refers to a single ‘topic’ which serves as the main content idea for one’s website. Therefore, building a link strategy that signalling search engines like Google to index these thematic cluster web pages as authoritative and credible sources of information..

 A strong, identified thematic topic cluster will enable your website to.

  • Develop a solid SEO structure, helping build strong, long term solutions..
  • Create valuable content.
  • Build and increase new audiences.

The Importance of Site Structure

  • Usability! Your website presence is significantly affected by your User Experience. Therefore, your users should be able to instantly grasp what your website is about and easily able to navigate around.
  • Helps search engines such as Google understand your structure – A strong site structure enables search engines to quickly index our content.

A Searchers Intent

Have you considered your searchers intent? There are four key considerations when establishing your searches intent.

  • Informational – Providing data on a specific topic for example; guide, tutorial, how to, best. An example would be “Guided reading session”.
  • Navigational – Refers to a specific location, brand, product and/ or service. For example Perth Skyworks.
  • Commercial – Uses a modifier like cheapest or review. For example Perth Skyworks review.
  • Transactional – Refers to a purchase e.g. buy, coupon. For example Perth Royal Show tickets.

When structured correctly, a thematic cluster can be quite successful.

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