Call to Action (CTA) refers to the desired actions you wish your target audience to take.  Before writing your call to action, develop and understand the goal you are aiming to achieve. For example.

  • Are you trying to boost sales on a new product launch?
  • Get your audience to read onto additional content pieces?
  • Or something completely different…

No matter what your call to action may be, ensure it is clearly defined before taking any further steps.

It’s suggested that the best call to action phrases are short, straight to the point and use a strong verb.

A successful call to action generally speaks to your audience, for example.

“Join our community” or “Book your tickets now”

Both of these call to actions use third person singular and plural pronouns to capture your desired audience’s attention.



3 Points to consider in your Call to Action

  • No obligation
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Establish credibility

Workshopping your CTA

We have provided some points when workshopping your CTAs in the dot point below.

  • Who is your audience? What makes them tick?
  • Getting “do-ers” to do-something.
  • Motivating, influencing, innovating.
  • Make taking the action sound irresistible.
  • Keep it short, sharp, and simple.

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