Search Engine Optimisation more commonly referred to as SEO is the process of ranking organically within Google and other search engines.

But what are the techniques to ranking successfully within Google and other search engines.

When it comes to ranking organically, you need to consider and prioritise these three activities including, keywords research, content curation, and link building strategies.

What is Link Building and how can I successfully implement it into my SEO Strategy?!

Well, this is a great question!

Below we discuss how to strategically implement link building into your next SEO Strategy.


Link Building refers to the process of generating links within your website, whilst also having other websites and influencers link back to your website. There are two types of link building including, Internal and External links.

An Internal Link refers to one that stays within your website and brand identity for example, a word in your blog links back to a service page on your website or you provide a link to read your blog via your company’s social media post.

External Linking refers to a website directing a link back to your web page or your company creating and directing a link to another company’s web page.

Fact: Content without links reduces your referral traffic and can delay the increase in your position ranking.

Activities & Methods to consider

  • Improve value of your existing content – Improving, repurposing, and publishing your current content, increases the chances of others linking back to what you have discussed.
  • Trial guest posting to build your link bank up – Know and really understand your company and target audience, from here carefully select influencers who your target audience would resonate with.
  • Social media
    • Use personalised messaging and @mentions to acknowledge others.
    • Ask individuals to share your content by @mentions.
    • NETWORK! Be sure to build connections with sites or writers for future collaborations.

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