There is only twenty-four days until Christmas and with that said have you decked your house with tinsel and mistletoe?!

As businesses start to wind down over the Christmas and New Year period - SEO specialists are hard at work managing their online visibility. So that their rankings don’t fall below the fold!

Fact: SEO is a continuous process.


Search Engine Optimisation commonly referred to as SEO considers a wide range of marketing strategies, activities and techniques used to increase a websites online traffic.

As the festive season approaches how can you stay ahead of your competitors and keep YOUR search engine page rankings (SERP) above the fold?!

Activities to consider

  1. Use Google Trends to analyse peak increases in your audiences’ usage time. For example; enter one of your search phrases in the search bar and select a custom date range i.e. Christmas the previous year (2018).
Google Trends SharePoint Perth
2. Research and plan a seasonal content strategy! Once you have created your seasonal content, scheduled it to be published while you’re away from your desk, over the Christmas period. Seasonal content can include several formats including;
  • Articlesg. long or short form content, lists, in-depth guides and more
  • Content Assetsg. whitepapers, eBooks, infographics, videos
  • Collaborative Content e.g. expert interviews
3. Put forward a seasonal product offer! Christmas is the best time to sell. Why? Because everyone’s looking for the perfect gift in their budget. For example; you might offer a product bundle or a special offer for new or returning customers. Here’s an example by Slack.
Slack SEO Example

Slack uses a clear strategy and messaging to target a common, time-enduring activity amongst businesses. The company visually illustrates the relief and excitement of reducing the number of meetings.   

Beware of the Nutcracker this Christmas!

Remember not to neglect your SEO this Christmas. Below, we’ve listed a handful of additional activities to consider implementing over this festive season!

  • Update your keywords and search phrases to reflect the festive season but keeping it relevant to your business.
  • Engage users by creating teasers for content, specials, offers and/or products for the New Year.
  • Optimise your landing pages to reflect your festive content.
  • SCHEDULE content not only for Christmas but for the first few weeks of 2020!
  • Optimise all content for mobile and alternate devices.

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee at Novata Solutions, it is talking to you about an SEO Strategy suited to your business. Let’s combine the two!

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