As we have gathered, there are a lot of powerful workflows, APIs and other features integrated into a SharePoint Solution.

Let’s add two more powerful tools to the mix, including Lists and Libraries that Office 365 have updated and integrated into SharePoint 2019.

Lists and Libraries is one of the most essential components in ensuring a business work flow!

Simply Sharing

A SharePoint List defines a way of managing information in the form of a database such as a spreadsheet - various lists can be set to different security settings amongst other features.

Extending from lists are libraries…

SharePoint Library refers to the location of a site where users can upload, create, update and collaborate on content and files that are originally created by the aforementioned lists.

Additions and Fewer Restrictions

  • File and folder names now supported by special characters including # and %
  • File path length increased to 400 characters
  • Document Libraries now supported up to 15GB aligning with SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Integrated UI features have allowed SharePoint 2019 to expand on synchronising and integrations. Upgraded features include;

  • Creating new folders
  • Uploading files and saving documents

Feature love

  • Excel creation options
  • Edit in place
  • PowerBI integration
  • Flow for cognitive analysis
  • Flow and Visio
  • Form uploads

Additional List Features

  • Easily add columns and rows
  • Format columns with JSON mark-up

Fact: SharePoint is used by more than half of businesses around the globe therefore Office 365 are always on the look-out to update and integrate features which enable a user-friendly and easily navigable user interface.

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