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It’s clearly noted that SharePoint thrives on enhancements and user engagement experiences. Although in 2019 some of SharePoint’s existing features and functionalities will be set to rest as new and improved versions and other enhancements come to play within SharePoint’s 2019 environment.

SharePoint Architecture

Office 365 integration of SharePoint Solutions has enabled businesses to boost efficiency and effectiveness in communication, content and document management strategies. A SharePoint Solutions strategy is all about sharing collaborating and effectively engaging with businesses, employees and external stakeholders.

Sunsetted Defined

Sunsetted means an object that will fade from existence. In this case it refers to SharePoint features which will fade from use. However, some of these features have been seamlessly repurposed and developed for better efficiency and use within a SharePoint Environment.

Five Features

  1. Aggregate Newsfeed (Integrated)
  2. Custom Help (Updated)
  3. SharePoint Designer 2013 (Changed)
  4. Multi-Tenancy (No Longer Supported)
  5. Code-based Sandbox Solutions (No Longer Supported)

Aggregate Newsfeed Defined

The first feature to set in 2019 is SharePoint’s Aggregate Newsfeed which will be replacing SharePoint’s Newsfeed and will be released as a read-only version.

SharePoint’s Aggregate Newsfeed refers to a page where users can view a collection of activities including news, mentions and likes associated with your business.

The Effect

  • Newsfeed will become read-only
  • Removed features include the tile and app launcher

Custom Help Defined

The second feature to fade out in 2019 is SharePoint’s Custom Help. In its place an updated, synchronised help collection will be provided.  Custom Help is being updated and integrated for improved seamless communications.

SharePoint’s Custom Help refers to the creation and deployment of an automated navigation process put in place in regard to each site collection.

SharePoint Custom Help collections can be installed on-premise, updated and synchronised to Office 365.

The Effect

  • This will be replaced with SharePoint on-premise help engine

Look out for:

  • Modernised responsive user experiences
  • Updated Intranet portals including communication sites templates
  • Next generation sync client
  • Increased support for larger files

What does this mean for current SharePoint Users?

Don’t be alarmed! There are plenty of SharePoint features out there to keep your digital workplace running smoothly including mobile enhancements and hub site news updates just to name a couple.

Where to from here…

There are a handful of new collaborative features included in SharePoint 2019. Replacing the Aggregate Newsfeed with features including modern and dynamic communication sites and workflows.

Although these features are set to fade away – Office 365’s integration with SharePoint is all about collaboration and endeavouring to create increased forms of seamless communication. As these features set, keep an eye out for some incredible new features entering in 2019.

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