What drives your thoughts…?

Well, quite a lot, if you carefully think about it. Our thoughts are driven by marketing campaigns, ideas, discussions and other experiences that we encounter daily.

So, what if we had predicted thoughts and content displayed right before us?

It would create a new outlook on our working environment, that’s for sure!

This is exactly what SharePoint’s Modern User Experience offers its users.

A searching space where suggested topics and ideas are displayed prior to you typing and alter as you search.

SharePoint Modern Search Experience Defined

SharePoint 2019 comes with a new Modern Search Experience. The Modern Search Experience offers users the ability and visibility to see suggested results before they start typing and change as they continue to search.  

What does a Modern Search Experience involve?

  • Suggested or related content/ documents
  • Real-time search filter and up-dates

Discover more with Modern Search Experience…

Discover more on how to efficiently complete tasks and projects through SharePoint’s Modern Experience Toolbar. Elaborated, this function offers a vast feature allowing you to customise the way you work.


  • Related content that you may have otherwise forgotten or missed
  • Ideas and topics to stream thoughts from

SharePoint’s New Modern Search results page shows relevant, related and interesting suggested content and documents that would normally be scanned through without a second thought.

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SharePoint Modern Searches

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