Office 365 enables SharePoint users the ability to access and manage data through controlled user-friendly environments.

A SharePoint Solution framework offers a rich set of APIs that can be managed and used in several ways. API refers to Application Programming Interface and is based on several processes built within an Open Data Protocol. SharePoint REST API is a data-centric web service that provides developers access to information from SharePoint site collections, lists and libraries.


Application Programming Interface (API) constructs connections between a website server and its Google responses, configuring and relaying information and other confirmation messages between the two.

Simply put, APIs define the differences between requests and responses of information.

Like all Microsoft based services, SharePoint Rest APIs are secured within an Azure Active Directory. There are four major functions available when using a SharePoint Rest API, these include;

  1. Create
  2. Read
  3. Update
  4. Delete


  1. Reduce trouble shooting
  2. Increase efficiency and user satisfaction


SharePoint APIs are URLs created to return analytical data responses - providing a simplified developer user experience, from one end-point to a single authentication, accessing data across all services.

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