Have you ever wondered about the workings behind a SharePoint Solutions strategy?

Now, that we understand Office365 integration of SharePoint and how it allows businesses boost efficiency and effectiveness in communication, content and document management strategies.

Let’s discuss the architecture behind a SharePoint strategy.

A SharePoint strategy is built on a five server application, including:

  1. Portal – templates, target audiences
  2. Search – search centre, cross site search
  3. Content Management – authoring, publishing, records management
  4. Business Process – Forms server, lines of business integration
  5. Business Intelligence – KPIs, Excel Services

Each SharePoint solutions is tailored to suit individual businesses – optimising and accelerating in business processes and productivity.

SharePoint Collaboration

Benefits of SharePoint Architecture:

  1. Simple and familiar user friendly interface
  2. Easily access business data
  3. Enables successful communication and networking
  4. Architecture on a single integrated platform

Novata Solutions is a SharePoint Solutions provider in Perth – optimising their clients businesses productivity managing documents and internal forms of communication.

Implementing a SharePoint strategy will increase efficiency in your business communications strategy - further, optimising how your business communicates.

There is one thing that we love more than coffee and that is sitting down with you discussing all things SharePoint has to offer and how we can make it work for your business.

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