There are several types of SharePoint Environments, with each offering their own features, additional opportunities and value.

In this blog we discuss two commonly used and referred to environments including SharePoint Online and Hybrid.

Office 365’s integration with a SharePoint Solutions strategy enables companies to increase collaboration and document management internally and externally for their business.

Implementing a SharePoint Solutions Strategy enables businesses to optimise communication while seamlessly collaborating on shared documents and conversations regarding various projects.

Hybrid Defined

SharePoint’s Hybrid Environment is a combination of cloud and on-premise features – it offers businesses the flexibility to work from both their existing SharePoint Online Environment in addition to their new SharePoint environment.

Key Benefits of SharePoint Hybrid Environments

  1. Empower companies by leveraging mobile applications
  2. Provides users with tools for go-to market sharing and collaborating with internal and external users
  3. Cloud Hybrid Search
  4. Hybrid Federated Search
  5. Consume rich features that Microsoft release

Online Defined

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service enabling companies to efficiently communicate, collaborate and share documents.  

Key Benefits of SharePoint Online Environment

  1. Download and sync to OneDrive
  2. Download Mobile App
  3. Suggested/ additional/ new features

As the year progresses SharePoint are set to release new and exciting features and opportunities to further collaborate on shared ideas with internal and external users.

Novata Solutions is a SharePoint Solutions provider in Perth – optimising clients business productivity by creating, implementing and managing solutions.

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