Is your company continually collaborating with vendors, business partners and customers?

If your company spends a lot of time networking and collaborating with external companies and clients, it’s time to look at a SharePoint Solutions strategy!

A SharePoint Solutions strategy enables you to seamlessly work and collaborate with both internal and external employers to efficiently get a task complete through SharePoint’s Business to Business(B2B) Extranet Online.

SharePoint’s Online Extranet is a secure platform that enables one company to provide safe access and authentication to external users whilst also tracking their activities.  

External Users Defined

An external user is identified as someone from outside of your Office 365 network. External sharing enables businesses to share documents with vendors, business partners or customers.

Activities/ Features of SharePoint Online

  • Download the OneDrive Sync client
  • Access to Mobile App
  • SharePoint Community Featuring latest news


  • External Sharing with vendors, business partners and customers.
  • Security – control and track activities/ engagement.

SharePoint as a B2B Extranet Online has provided businesses with an opportunity to seamlessly collaborate and communicate within a safe and secure environment.

Now is the time to jump onboard and invest in a SharePoint Solutions B2B Extranet Online Strategy!

Novata Solutions is a SharePoint Solutions provider in Perth – optimising clients business productivity with effective strategies.

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee, it’s talking to you about a SharePoint Solutions strategy that fits your business. Let’s combine the two.

SharePoint B2B Extranet

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