How does your business create data reports? Which tools do you use?

Office 365’s integration with SharePoint offers a modern way to capture, document and report on your business’ findings.

There are three types of data sources that you can use in a SharePoint environment including;

  1. Power Query – extract content from SharePoint lists and cache it into a tabular data model.
  2. Report Builder –build paginated reports using services such as Power BI and Excel.
  3. SQL Server Integration Service - an on-premise enterprise ETL platform.

Types of Reporting

  • For business intelligence
  • Visualization and reporting
  • Self-service reporting
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Application performance
  • Financial reporting

Power BI

Power BI’s integration with SharePoint allows employers and employees to visualize data to create engaging and compelling reports.

Benefits of Power BI

  • Embed reports into websites/ portals
  • Boost user adoption and engagement

Lists in SharePoint

SharePoint lists offer a quick and easy approach for users to manage and store business information.

SharePoint Lists

  • Improves ease of use by enabling users to add columns to lists and sort, filter and group data in place
  • Elevate data quality by viewing and editing all item details in the information panel without leaving the list
  • Improve productivity by bulk editing list items
  • Automate simple business processes
  • Enrich static information with rich data types including people, images and managed meta data tags

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