What if the most relevant articles, documents and files were available and displayed right in front of you?

Well, this is achievable within your SharePoint Intranet!

You and your employees can experience a unique user experience where relevant articles, news and pages are presented to you through the implementation of SharePoint's Audience Targeting. 


Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint enables employers to customise employees access and views of relevant content. 

Setting Audience Targeting

  1. Start by navigating to Site Pages > Library
  2. Scroll down to library settings
  3. Navigate to the Audience Targeting settings
  4. Select ‘Enable Audience Targeting’ checkbox
  5. In the audience column of the Site Pages library select which group requires targeting 
  6. Lastly, select the 'Enable Audience Targeting' checkbox


SharePoint’s Audience Targeting puts the right content in front of the right audiences at the right times.


  • Employers can apply common navigation and branding
  • Employees are able to discover related content, such as news and other site activities relevant to their department seamlessly

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