SharePoint Focus Areas for 2019

Hello 2019!

As the New Year reigns in how prepared are you to get back to work?

Last year we discussed a lot about SharePoint Solutions, strategies and overall how a SharePoint Solution fully operates and can benefit a business.

This year we are bringing a whole range of new topics to the table. We will be discussing how powerful a SharePoint Solutions strategy is, and the effect it can have on making your business run more efficiently.

SharePoint 2019 has a lot of new features set to be released, enhancing businesses overall communication, collaboration and productivity.

Top three

  1. SharePoint Online User Experience – A range of benefits including flexibility and agility, advanced capabilities and integrations. Further discussion regarding cutting edge UI and UX web design and overall benefits. 
  2. Content Engagement – Defined as employees collaborating on documents, tasks or projects. A SharePoint Solution offers several benefits towards employees of a business through features including streamlining collaboration and AI.

  3. Powerful Scaling security and Compliance Capabilities – An aggregated, centralised system enables SharePoint permissions to be extracted and further analysed in the form of an excel spreadsheet. In layman’s terms, SharePoint Scaling and compliance enables easy automation, classified and multi-geo capabilities enhancing security checks and performance.

Besides having a proven track record for providing valuable, time-saving tools, SharePoint Solutions 2019 have once more increased business efficiency through these and many other latest enhancements.

SharePoint has a lot on offer this year and we are ecstatic to share with you all the up-to-date features and need to know about SharePoint 2019.

Novata Solutions is a SharePoint Solutions provider in Perth, working to optimise clients’ business productivity by creating, implementing and managing IT solutions.

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee, it’s talking to you about a SharePoint Solutions strategy that fits your business. Let’s combine the two!

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