Office 365s integration with SharePoint Solution strategies enables companies to increase document management and create collaborative working environments.

A SharePoint environment is considered as a safe and secure online space where employees are easily able to access and collaborate on company projects.

Groups defined

Previously called SharePoint Site Collection, Groups are a default permissions level within SharePoint. They commonly refer to access levels and rights that users must have in order to successfully access, edit and manage documentation.

Permissions defined

Permissions are simply a set of levels that allows a user to Open, View, Edit or Delete documentation. Grating and restricting access is considered as a form of permissions management.  

Types of permissions

  • Read Permissions - This means that you can view a site but not make any edits to it.
  • Contribute Permissions - Where you can view the site make changes to content but not additional changes to the site.
  • Full Control - Identifies you as an owner,
  • Access Denied – Means you do not have the permissions necessary to either access or view the site.

Top Four Best Practices

  • Document versioning
  • Indexed columns
  • File naming conventions
  • Document library views

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