Reducing, monitoring, and updating incident reports can be a tricky and tedious process.

So, how can you manage incident reports in a succinct manner without being overwhelmed from piles of paperwork?

Lucky for SharePoint, many of these tasks have been compiled into a user-friendly workflow, to easily identify and monitor those nasty workplace incidents.

Incident Report

An incident report refers to the formal reporting of facts, related to an accident or injury that occurred at a worksite. Incident reporting can also include any unusual worksite occurrences such as near misses.

A SharePoint Incident Report allows you to:

  • Easily capture and report on multiple forms of incidents.
  • Generate and increase the speed of approval workflows, designed for the entire process.
  • Investigate, analyse, and produce summaries.
  • Export data into an easy format to digest.
  • Assign and track follow up actions.
  • Automate notifications and reminders.

SharePoint Reporting tools allows you to:

  • Identify and create permissions.
  • Auditing and overall performance

Benefits of Incident Reporting

  • One central location for all training and safety incidents to be documented.
  • Automated responses and procedures, improving reaction times.

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