There’s going to be a whole lot of sharing this year with SharePoint’s latest features released and more conversations on how SharePoint works to create a more efficient and productive environment for users.

You might be thinking…

What additional, intelligent features have Office 365 included in their SharePoint 2019 updates?

First thing’s first… Office 365 have integrated and delivered an innovative experience for businesses to connect and drive productivity both internally and externally collaborating on documents and communication channels.

SharePoint 2019 is set to deliver enhanced experiences for their users – making it friendlier than ever before.

SharePoint Addons

Here is what you need to know about SharePoint 2019 Addons >>

  1. SharePoint Home Page - This is the central point of communication and discovery for users as it enables easy access and search functions to work, collaborate and communicate.
  2. Lists and Libraries – Considered as an integral part of architecture – SharePoint’s lists and libraries create a modern experience to preview, copy, move and pin documents.
  3. New Team Site Pages – It’s all about collaboration, right?! This new addition will enable colleagues to share, display and broadcast news or other messages in a user-friendly and succinct manner.
  4. New Pages – There is more than just meets the eye when it comes to topics, processes and decisions. New pages enable users to customise web parts and create documents, embed videos, images and other site activities easily.
  5. Modern Search Experience – How does automatic suggestions and real-time search updates sound? Users will be able to see results before they start typing and search results will adjust accordingly once searching for a document and/ or other source.

These addons are set to increase overall user experience, creating more efficient and productive business environments.

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