Enabling the right people access to a particular project can be a tricky task.

So, what are some ways that you can better manage your SharePoint Sites User Permissions?


SharePoint Sites are security driven!

What does this mean? Simply, this means that if you don’t have access to something within your SharePoint Environment then it is invisible to your eye.

Types of Permissions

There are three main types of SharePoint Permissions including; Site Owners, Site Members and Site Visitors.

  • A SharePoint Site Owner has full access and control of that environment, managing site permissions, settings and appearances.
  • In contrast to a Member who can only edit and contribute to content within the SharePoint environment.
  • The final type of permission refers to Visitors or Read Only, as it states, this person can view the content, however not make any changes to the content that they view.

When determining your SharePoint sites navigational structure consider the following two questions.

  • What type of content will you have on your SharePoint site?
  • How will information be presented and targeted on your site?

Key Tips to Managing Permissions

  • Follow the principle of least privilege: This means start by giving your employees the lowest permission levels they need to successfully perform their assigned tasks.
  • Consider segmenting your content by security level. For example create a site or a library specifically for sensitive documents, rather than having large chunks of data simply floating around your SharePoint Environment.

Ensure that you keep your SharePoint Environment up to date, providing a clean user friendly environment – allowing for increased productivity and better efficiency.

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