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Let’s discuss SharePoint’s My Sites end-user functionality and the benefits it provides to employees of a business.

My Sites is a personalised server that individuals in a company uses to customise their navigation and communication services. A general My Sites server interface will show an individual the following tabbed pages, Newsfeed, OneDrive, Sites, About Me, Blogs and additional Apps. 

SharePoint is a cloud-based sever that allows My Site users access to various pages and content including;

  1. Newsfeeds – allowing vision into social networks and updates from other colleagues or external users.
  2. OneDrive – linking and synchronising to the user’s personal content/ documentation.
  3. Sites – keeping track and engaging in relevant information.
  4. Blog – enabling users to customise, edit and publish blogs.
  5. Apps – displaying various lists, libraries and other apps the user has access to.
  6. Tasks – displaying assigned projects and activities only visible to its specific user.

A My Sites Interface provides users with a rich social networking and collaboration space to build relationships, explore and share content and other important information.

My Sites enables employees to view a customised server complete with relevant content, documents and information provided by the business.

As a leading SharePoint Solutions provider, we work with you to understand the unique aspects of your business processes to deliver solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

If there’s one thing that we love more than coffee, it’s showing you how a SharePoint Solution strategy can benefit your business. Let’s combine the two!

SharePoint My Sites Personalised Servers

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