We have discussed the what’s and why's within SharePoint, now let’s talk about the how’s within SharePoint.


  • How to move folders – Whether you are moving folders, files, documents and/ or lists there are four easy steps to follow.
    • Select the content you would like to move.
    • Navigate to the command bar and select more, followed by move to.
    • On the right-hand panel, choose a destination in the current library.
    • Select your new destination’s folder and select Move Here.
  • How does SharePoint versioning work? – When enabled SharePoint versioning can store, track, and restore information. Versioning works to protect and provide insights of older content as well as new content.
  • How does SharePoint authentication work? – This refers to validation of a user’s identity against an authentication. SharePoint authentication helps protect the privacy of business documents in a secure and easy fashion.
  • How do SharePoint permissions work? - Permissions are set to control and monitor employees, partners, suppliers, and/ or third-party providers access and use within a SharePoint Environment.

SharePoint is best used for:

  1. Analysing and tracking your business reports, trends and KPIs.
  2. Storing and managing all business files, folders, documents, and alternate projects.
  3. Create and collaborate on projects with colleagues easily in one location, multiple devices and at any time.

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