Which SharePoint Environment is your company currently using?

If you’re struggling to remember which version of SharePoint, your company is currently using then maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Updating your SharePoint Environment will allow your business to transform and invest in new, modern tools to seamlessly communicate and collaborate on tasks and projects.

A SharePoint Migration refers to the process by which content from your organisation’s existing SharePoint Environment is moved to an up-dated version.  

Migrating your SharePoint Environment is a great business move that allows your business to thrive on up-to-date communication and collaboration tools within your organisation.

Best practices to consider when migrating your SharePoint Environment

  • Ensure you have a clear understanding of your old SharePoint Environment, to ensure a thorough and seamless migration occurs.
  • Cull irrelevant content to reduce “junk” being migrated and increase the overall speed of the migration.
  • When migrating create content batches for example; classify site collections, sites and lists based on aspects such as content type and permissions.

Five Steps in migrating your SharePoint Environment

  1. Analyse the old site.
  2. Plan and design a modern, user-friendly site that aligns with your businesses needs.
  3. Migrate all necessary content onto the new site.
  4. Verify that the new site works according to its design.
  5. Decommission the old site.

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