SharePoint is a platform for businesses to easily communicate, collaborate, manage, and store business information in one central location, online.

Types of Groups Explained





Full Control

This group has full permissions of your business’ SharePoint site.



Is used to grant people Editing permissions.



Allow users to Read content on your business’ SharePoint site.



Users are only allow to view your business’ SharePoint site.

Security Features

Security is an integral part to an business ICT solution. The below table discusses features to consider when investing in your business’ SharePoint security.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

When setting up your employees accounts remember to install Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) as a security method.

Devices Accessing SharePoint Data

Control who has access to devices through four options.

1.Unmanaged devices = Restricted access

2.Idle session sign-outs = Automatically signing out

3. Network location = Allow access from specific IP addresses

4.Apps not using modern authentication = Block access that can’t enforce device-based restrictions.

Types of Security Policies to consider

  • External sharing policies with sensitive labels.
  • Co-authoring and autosaves.
  • Information barriers for SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Automatic expiration for SharePoint and OneDrive.

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