Office365 integration with SharePoint Solution strategies have boosted the efficiency of document management and communication strategies for businesses. SharePoint Solutions Health Audit is considered as being the administration centre and first point of call for any issues that arise.

The health audit allows a business to analyse and assess changes made to documents and communication channels. Three main channels SharePoint Health Audit focuses on include:

  • 1. Changes towards users or groups permissions
  • 2. Analysis of additions or removals for access regarding users, sites, groups or libraries
  • 3. Detects users deletion from,
    • a. SharePoint document libraries
    • b. SharePoint Apps i.e. calendars
    • c. SharePoint site page
SharePoint Collaboration
  • There are several types of Health Audits offered by Office365 SharePoint Solutions, including:

    • 1. Content viewing - reporting on users viewing content
    • 2. Content modification – reporting on changes towards content
    • 3. Deletion – analysis of what content has been deleted
    • 4. Content type and list modification – reporting on additions, edits and deletions of content
    • 5. Policy modification – reporting on events that change the information management policies
    • 6. Expiration and disposition – reports on how content is moved when it expires
    • 7. Auditing setting – changes to the auditing setting
    • 8. Customised reports – specify filters and limit what you are auditing

SharePoint Solutions Health Audit offer real-time reports therefore, always keeping you up-to-date with current statistics and information.

Novata Solutions is a SharePoint Solutions provider in Perth offering businesses the opportunity to optimise on document management and productivity within their workplace. The SharePoint Health Audit allows for current analysis and assessment of efficiency and effectiveness using SharePoint Solutions.

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