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The first part of SharePoint’s Sunsetted features explained how Aggregated Newsfeeds and Custom Help have been integrated to replace outdated features.

In this second part we will discuss three other features in SharePoint which will be either laid to rest or upgraded to keep up with the demands of SharePoint’s user-friendly experience. These features are:

  • SharePoint Designer
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Code-based Sandbox Solutions

SharePoint Designer Defined

Slowly sunsetting in 2019 will be SharePoint Designer 2013. This application will continue to run for a while longer without updates, and public preview features will run up until the remainder of the client support lifecycle (2026).

SharePoint Designer is a web application designed to customise both applications and sites. The application enables users to customise and build data-rich pages and workflow solutions.

The Architecture

  • Navigation pane
  • Gallery and summary
  • Ribbon

The Effect

The HTML Editor will be discontinued. 


  • Connect to data
  • Create data rich interfaces
  • Deploy custom solutions

Multi-Tenancy Defined

SharePoint have decided to eliminate the upgrade and update of SharePoint Multi-Tenancy in 2019. Multi-Tenancy refers to the management and partition of sites along with other shared services.

The Effect

  • Increase cost and complexity on on-premise environments


  • Less costs and complexities running a SharePoint Solutions site.

Code-based Sandbox Solutions Defined

SharePoint’s Code-based Sandbox Solutions are set to be removed, alternatively SharePoint Solution Add-ins will feature as a replacement option. Code-based Sandbox Solutions are customisable integrations used to deploy unique SharePoint site collections.

The Effect

  • SharePoint will block any DLLs (.WSP packages)


  • SharePoint Add-ins will enable you to create workflows, pages, lists and custom content.

Where to from here…

While SharePoint has always been focused on collaboration, in 2019 Office 365’s integration with SharePoint is set to improve features further enhancing the user experience for SharePoint users.

As these five features set, keep an eye out for some incredible new features entering in 2019. SharePoint 2019 have plenty of new releases to keep your business running smoothly. Look out for new features including modern and dynamic communication sites and workflows.

There are several benefits to a SharePoint Solutions strategy - Office 365’s integration with SharePoint considers communication and collaboration as key elements in running a successful business. 

Novata Solutions is a SharePoint Solutions provider in Perth – optimising client business productivity by creating, implementing and managing catered IT solutions.

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee, it’s talking to you about a SharePoint Solutions strategy that fits your business. Let’s combine the two.

SharePoint Sun Setting Features

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