Are you in the 25% of businesses who haven’t migrated to a SharePoint Solutions environment yet? 

Read our Q&A below and discover why you should be investing in a SharePoint Solutions Strategy today. 

SharePoint is a business platform integrated by Microsoft Office 365 that boosts efficiency and effectiveness within organisations. 

  1. Why SharePoint for document management? SharePoint for document management offers businesses the opportunity to. 
    1. Store and organise your documents.
    2. Easily find and collaborate on documents. 
    3. Create workflows and set permissions. 
  2. What is a SharePoint List? A SharePoint List refers to a collection of data that gives you and your co-workers a flexible way to organise information. The benefits of a SharePoint List include but is not limited to. 
    1. The ability to create multiple views and opt for multiple filters. 
    2. Allows for unique permissions as well as integrate flows. 
    3. PowerApps and export information to excel. 
  3. Who can approve access requests? If you’re a site owner, you can access the site sharing option located in site permissions to approve and/or deny access requests from users. To find out what access levels you have, contact your SharePoint Manager. 
  1. How does SharePoint versioning work? SharePoint versioning works by storing, tracking, and restoring information, to protect and provide insights of older content as well as new content. 
  2. How can I see who has access to a document/file? There are two ways to view who has access to a specific SharePoint file. 
    • Firstly, you can use the three ellipsis and navigate down to manage users, here you can see which individuals and/or groups have access. 
    • Alternatively, you can view who has access to a document by navigating to site permissions. 
  3. Why should I invest in a SharePoint Solutions Strategy for my business? A SharePoint Solutions Strategy enables businesses to easily communicate, collaborate and work from any device, location, and time. Benefits of a SharePoint Solution include. 
    1. Simplify everyday business activities and processes. 
    2. Effortless Collaboration. 
    3. Cost Saving. 
    4. Increase Security and securing of sensitive business data. 

A SharePoint Solution provides peace of mind in seamless communication and collaboration for businesses of all sizes and from all locations. 

As a leading SharePoint Solutions provider, we work with you to understand the unique aspects of your business processes to deliver solutions that are tailored to your business requirements. 

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee, it is talking to you about a SharePoint Solutions Strategy that is suited to your business. 

Let’s combine the two! 

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