Do you remember the plastic building blocks you would play with as a child?

You could build endless objects and stack them to meet the height of your four year-old-self.


SharePoint Web Parts sound quite technical but let’s break it down into smaller building blocks.

A SharePoint Web Part can be broken down into a combination of text and images.  Client-side web parts are controls that appear inside a SharePoint page running on local browsers.

Commonly used scripting frameworks include;

  • AngularJS
  • React
  • Plain JavaScript

Example of web parts

  • Form – Establish connections and work with data located in other web parts functioning on the same server.
  • Image – Purpose of allocating and stylizing the pictures.
  • List View – Display data via filtering and sorting.
  • Site Users – Set access restrictions to certain pages of the website.
  • XML – Transform XML files via XSLT and display data.


  • SharePoint Webparts are highly customisable
  • Allows for aggregate content across SharePoint Environments

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