Have you ever struggled with not knowing how to share confidential and important documents with external users, yet, still maintain control and visibility of who has access to specific content?

Office 365 integration with SharePoint and the rise in cloud-base software has enabled the sharing of content to be an even easier process than before.

What is external sharing?

Simply, external sharing enables specific content to be available to someone outside of your organisation. It’s availability and visibility can be shared anonymously or via an authenticated external user.

Managing External Libraries

How to manage libraries?

The objective of managing external libraries is to store similar types of documents and/or files in the one place. This is achievable and relevant as you can create specific access to sensitive documents across various libraries.

Benefits of SharePoint Libraries and Sharing

  1. Control and manage similar content in the one place
  2. Create and allocate access to external authenticated users
  3. User friendly interface
  4. Accessible from any device anytime
  5. Real time security functions

Filing and sharing your company’s important content and documents has never been easier than it is right now.

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee at Novata Solutions that is talking to you about a SharePoint Solution strategy that can best optimise your organisation.

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