Part 4. of Novata Solutions eight-part series discussing application development and OutSystems Low-Code Rapid Application Development.

What is solution architecture and why should my business invest?

Solution Architecture is considerably one of the most invaluable tools that your company will ever invest in and without knowing it your company will already have some sort of solution architecture in place.

How is this possible?

Solution Architecture in laymen’s terms is the back-end processes and running of your business strategy and goals. 

Refers to the development architecture for initiatives, programs or projects that must be conceived, designed, contracted, built, deployed and evolved.

Solution Architecture Model

Why? Business View – Stakeholders = Business Sponsors

What? Functional View – Stakeholders = Users

How? Technical View – Stakeholders = Builder

With? Implementation View – Stakeholders = Operator/providers

OutSystems Approach

OutSystems Digital Transformation framework is built on four dimensions including;

  1. Structure – Structured design, addressing team size, key team roles, architect’s governance and testing.
  2. Talent – Sophisticated solutions implemented by certified professionals.
  3. Ecosystem – Integrated systems constructed via systems of record, data services, service buses, cloud services, lifecycle, DevOps tools.
  4. Process – Describing how low-code fits with agile and how business IT work together.


  1. Real time structured process
  2. Help best practice in technology and delivery

We have the most certified OutSystems engineers in Perth that understand the unique aspects of your business processes and can deliver solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Let us show you how an Application Development strategy can benefit your business.

Dream BIG, Start Small, Scale Rapidly

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