Let it stick! 

In our previous blog we mentioned sticky content, providing a brief explanation of what it is…

Defined: Sticky content marketing refers to content that interests and engages your audience, to continue wanting more. Whether this be from a landing page to an eBook or another form of content, it refers to content that “sticks” in your audiences mind, wanting them to consume more of your brand.

How it works

A major factor of sticky content marketing refers to words that drive action, such as call to actions (CTA) e.g., “Download now” or “Call us now”.

Leading your audience to want more!

To achieve this we need to start with our customer journey - a digital customer journey is mapped out to see the customer from all stages including awareness (see) , consideration (think), and purchase (do).  

The Digital Customer Journey 

There are three stages to optimising your digital customer journey including awareness (see), consideration (think), and purchase (do).  

  • Awareness (see)  
    • Who are your primary and secondary target audience?
    • What are they looking for within a product/service?
    • How can you offer unique value to your customers?
  • Consideration (think) 
    • Where and when are your target audience looking for your product/service?
    • What truly interests and engages your target audience?
    • What additional information can you provide your target audience?
  • Purchase (do)
    • What action words will drive your target audience to follow through with their purchase?
    • What additional offers and/or benefits will your audience receive?


To attract and increase your readership, start by researching your primary and secondary keywords, ensuring that they are: 

  • Relevant and specific to your product/service. Plain-language (layman’s terms) in a language that your target audience can define.

Two tips to using keywords throughout your content. 

  • Focus on one or two keywords in the title and introductory paragraph, followed by additional keywords and alterations of the word/s throughout the body of the text. 
  • Stay on topic! If you are talking about content marketing, state content marketing, what it is, how it works, the benefits, and refer to the topic content marketing, instead of it or an alteration of the word that could have multiple other meanings. 

Length of content

Although many say that long form content is favoured over short form content. If you are unable to provide long form content that is both valuable and stays on track with your topic discussion, then you will have a slight problem. There are some key tips to writing valuable, long form content these tactics include:

  • To add value by anticipating questions and answers, and offering relevant information. 
  • To make it readable, we are not talking about your hand-writing here! (unless, of course this is a physical piece of content), we are referring to the tone of voice, point of view (POV) and overall flow of what you are discussing.
  • To offer new information, there is no value to your target audience in offering information that has already been discussed. Provide a new perspective and/or further insights for better readership and engagement.
  • To create an experience, an energy of excitement and continued engagement. If your readers do not see value in what they are reading, they will be leaving your page as quickly as they entered it.


In our previous blog we mentioned the benefits of content marketing. Below, we have recapped the benefits and elaborated on each of their value towards both your business and readers.

  • Great content will lead to your target audience wanting more. To get there, you must have the right foundations. Increased organic search traffic – This is achieved through using the right keywords within your content .  
  • Builds expertise, authority, and trust – Ensure your content is coming from a credible source, if not, ask for expert advice and opinions to increase your content credibility. 
  • Increase in brand awareness – Great content will lead to increased brand awareness, why? because your brand will become a product your audience knows and trusts. 
  • Defined brand personality – Well structured content means your brand has a unique identity and this is great, because it also means your audience can relate and feel comfortable with who they are trusting their products/services with.  
  • Increase in conversations and quality leads – If all the above are successful, then this is inevitable.

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