The Importance of Customer Experience using Low Code

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Business-customer also referred to as customer experience (CX), is the process of creating a dynamic approach to the old saying “the customer is always right’.

CX Defined?

Customer Experience commonly referred to as CX ultimately defines ones’ customer journey and final thoughts/ impressions that they are left feeling.


Where does great CX start?

There are three strategies to considered when increasing your customer retention, including.

  1. The customer journey – This can be completed through mapping out expected or predicted behaviors of a customer.
  2. Collect feedback from your customers – Understand what they need/ want, why and how it affects them.
  3. Create customer personas – Wisely choose your primary and secondary target audiences prior to creating your application.Give each audience an identity and always refer back to the created persona, asking yourself how what you have created will affect them.

At Novata Solutions we have the most certified OutSystems engineers in Perth who understand the unique aspects of your business processes and deliver solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

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