We live in a Digitally consumed world. Where online communications between brands and consumers happens every second of every day! 

In recent times, this has rung more true and your business’ marketing strategy on the influencer is more integral than ever. So, how are you considering your Mindful Consumers, their current behaviours, patterns and digital trends that you should be more conscious about. 

Our Top Three 

Here are three factors we need to consider when Marketing to our Digital Consumers. 

  1. What’s our Ethical and Sustainable Practices look like?
  2. Since becoming more dependent on online communications and shopping trends, what behaviours have changed and/ or do we need to adapt too?
  3. Compared to your competitors, how cost-efficient and valuable are your goods/ services?

Three Influences 

Three ways to consider influencing your mindful consumers. 

  1. Shift your content marketing strategies to the context of comfort and safety in the home and tap into the mentality of “there’s no place like home”. 
  2. Be present, show and engage with your business’ social awareness/ presences. 
  3. In current times as a digital marketer, we have the opportunity to uniquely reassure and redirect our mindful consumers for the better and positive outcomes. 

BTS for your Websites Mindful Consumer (behind the scenes) 

When optimising for and engaging with your mindful consumers consider these three Core Web Vitals. 

  1. Largest Content Part (LCP) – We dedicated a whole blog to Largest Content Paint. Essentially, be aware that your mindful consumer does not have endless amounts of time and they want their information easily navigable and fast! Therefore, aim to have your LCP at 2.5 seconds or less. 
  2. First Input Delay (FID) – Refers to the time taken before the “first” interaction occurs on your website. 
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – This refers to a user-centric metric, as it measures and quantifies how often the users experiences an unexpected layout shift. It’s suggested the lower the CLS the more pleasant it is for your users.  

In some way or another, we are all a mindful consumers for a business/ multiple businesses and therefore, in order to optimise our own business’ website presence, remember to think like the ‘mindful consumer’ that we all embody in some way. 

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