If you’ve ever typed in the search term ‘mobilegeddon’ before, one of the first images displayed is of a metro shooting into earth. This image correlates the effect that your website and its SEO presence may have in relation to your mobile users if not optimised correctly. 

Mobilegeddon Defined 

Originally released in 2015, Googles Mobilegeddon algorithm targets poor mobile user experiences (UX) and a lack of mobile-optimised web pages.

Therefore, this algorithm is designed to boost mobile-friendly websites in contrast to those which aren’t optimised for great mobile experiences.

Mobile Compatibility x3 

Here are three (3) ways to check up on your mobile compatibility. 

  1. Google’s mobile friendly testing tool
  2. Mobile Usability report in Google analytics
  3. Personal User Experience (UX) on all types of mobile devices including Android and I-phone. 

What to consider 

We have listed our top 5 points to consider when developing your mobile friendly search engine optimised (SEO) website. 

  1. Incorporate a mobile responsive website design and consider its overall User Experience (UX).
  2. Generate an easy navigation.
  3. Do you have a clear, easy to navigate Call to Action (CTA)
  4. Ensure that your images and other visual media content are scalable. 
  5. Consider your websites readability in particular typography, structure and length of content. 

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