There is no place like home!

Nothing can quite compare to the comfort and safety of ones’ home. This also applies to your business and its online presence. 

How? By creating that comfort and knowing that you’re safe and secure. 

Google My Business is commonly referred to as your business’ autobiography – as it provides all the necessary details for your audience to build trust and gain a better understanding of your business. 


  • Why should I include Google My Business in my content strategy? As content marketers it’s our responsibility to ensure that our audience are exposed to as much valuable content as possible, therefore, providing updated locally-focused content is a valuable asset to your business’ marketing engagements.
  • What types of content is best published on my Google My Business account/ listing? Whether it be an offering, event, or explanation of a product/ service. Google My Business provides a platform for your business to publish short, sharp snippets of content that are relevant to your business. 
  • Does Google My Business contribute and influence my business’ SEO? It certainly does! There are three key factors that are considered to be most impacting, this includes Relevance, Distance and Prominence.
    • Relevance – How well does your business relate to your target users, do you provide the right information for your users to make an informed decision about your business?
    • Distance – Through the use of Google’s algorithms, they will pair users searches with other verified businesses in close proximity.
    • Prominence – Has your business just been introduced to the digital world or has it been online for a while? Either way how easy is it for your users to find and decipher information about your business

Top 5 Benefits  

  1. Show up in local searches on Google Maps.
  2. Build trust with you consumers through star ratings and reviews.
  3. Increase overall search rankings.
  4. Free form of advertising and marketing.
  5. Stand out amongst your competitors.

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