Trending in 2021

Here are the things that are trending in 2021. 

  • Google’s Core Algorithms: There are various Google Algorithms that work in conjunction to help users find the right and relevant content related to their searches. Algorithms such as BERT look at the “conversational” tone of content to help interpret and provide the relevant websites to a searcher.
  • Identify Keywords: You cannot and should not try to rank for every word possible. Research what’s trending in relation to your industry and specifically your business and offerings. Therefore, helping you determine if you’re able to reach the right audiences.  
  • Generate E-A-Table Content: E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. If you are unable to provide E-A-Table content that Google and other search bots deem as not trustworthy, how do you expect your target users to trust, engage and convert an action on your website. E-A-Table content refers to having a valid voice and opinion on a topic that you’re discussing. 
  • Optimise for Voice Search: Voice Search has become more commonly used than ever, so how can you influence Google and other search engine bots to suggest your business’ site over another? Well, this can be achieved through conversational, authoritative content.   
  • Consider Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence or AI as it’s commonly referred to works closely with Voice Search as individuals consistently use AI bots such as Alexa or Siri for their daily activities and queries.  
  • Create more video content: We’re always ONLINE. Re-read that one more time. Ok, so if we’re always online, we’re not always wanting to consume masses of written content. That’s where video comes into play. Videos, are a great source of easily digestible content, that can be consumed with or without sound (using subtitles). 

Have you kept up-to-date with these latest trends, or are you feeling inspired to take up some of the above? If so, we’re here to help you start optimising your business and reach your target audience when you need them the most. 

How do you endeavour to keep up to date with all the latest trends? 

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Here's what's trending in SEO 2021

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