To ACT (n) is to take action and behave in a specific manner. This can be applied to your business website presence.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to ACT as an acronym indicating a websites authoritativeness, credibility, and trustworthiness. The effects of SEO are heavily weighed on the way your website ACTs and how search engines like Google, interpret these actions and behaviours.

When referring to ACT, we like to break it down into three pillars, this being Authority, Credibility, and Trustworthy.

3 Pillars

  • Authority (n) refers to an individual or organisation that has administrative powers and control.
  • Credibility (n) refers to ones quality of being trusted.
  • Trustworthy (adj.) the ability to be relied on as a trustful individual or organisation.

Questions you might consider include; How can I make sure my SEO ACTs correctly in front of the right search algorithms?

This can be achieved by following the following five steps.

Five Steps to enhancing your websites ACT

  • Consider investing in an SEO Audit tool to see what’s currently working well on your website in contrast to which areas/ pages require additional attention.
  • Review all content whether it be written or visual and ensure that your keywords are positioned correctly.
  • Analyse your current internal and external link building strategies and ensure they both align with your current business focus.
  • Implement the above changes required.
  • Regularly review and repeat the above processes.

Your website’s ranking score is heavily weighted on its ACT. Here are our top tips when analysing your websites ACT.

  • Does your website hold authority in its category?
  • How can Google and other search engines identify your website is a credible source of information?
  • What makes your website trustworthy? E.g. DO you reference a well-known professional within your field.

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