What are the Benefits of MS Azure?

Cloud Computing can be a gradual or instant shift depending on your business circumstances and requirements. For example, an existing company may used the “lift and shift” approach which refers to the gradual shift from an on-premise to cloud service solution, whereas a new business may initiate in the cloud and build up their cloud services from that point.

Microsoft Azures Cloud Computing Services allows business' large or small, old, and new to develop and implement effective solutions suited to their needs at any given time.

  • Cost-effective solution – Providing a pay-as-you-go or consumption-based cloud service solution.
  • Scalable – Cloud Service Solution offers both Vertical (scaling up) and Horizontal (scaling out).
  • Elasticity – This refers to automatically adding or removing resources as demands increase or decrease.
  • Current/ On-demand – Allowing you to focus on the things that matter to your business and less stress on hardware maintenance/ cloud upgrades.
  • Reliability – Microsoft Azure offers data backup, disaster recovery, and data replication services to help maintain and minimise any faults.
  • Increased Security – Offering a broad set of policies and controls to ensure that strengthen security measures are put in place, helping to protect your business data, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats.
  • Global - Recognised on a global scale, Microsoft Azure offers cloud services that reflect and meet the needs and requirements of your specific region, data residency and compliance laws.

Investing in a Cloud Service provider such as Microsoft Azure, enables increased efficiency and peace of mind in security.

Discover more about Microsoft Azure and what it can offer you in our next blog discussing Getting Started with MS Azure IaaS.

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