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App is slang for software application or software programs.


An application commonly refers to a program that can be run on any device to complete specific tasks.

Application Development is defined as the profession where a group of individuals design, develop and deploy software applications that can be accessible on multiple devices.

Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

There are seven steps in the application development lifecycle including,

  1. Planning – The initial stage of any application/ software development involves research and ideas in order to create a cohesive, structured and well-sought out application.
  2. Analysis - Here all stakeholders involved document the functional requirements that are required to build the application.
  3. Design – A critical stage in the development process is defining how the features specified in the analysis will be actioned and implemented to create an integratable, user-friendly experience.
  4. Construction – Developers begin actioning the design and specific requirements of the application/ software.
  5. Testing – Errors are amended and documented, and bugs are fixed in order to create a seamless user experience.
  6. Implementation – This stage is considered as the initial release for primary stakeholders to test and voice their concerns.
  7. Support - Over the lifespan of the application support, updates and any other recommended activities are made to keep the application running.


Novata Difference

There are various structures when building and developing an Application however, the team at Novata Solutions focuses on an Agile Application Development.


An Agile framework refers to an iterative development, where the requirements of an application and solution evolve through short, sharp sprints. These short sharp sprints enable and encourage teams to frequently adapt and inspect the application through each stage of the development. In conjunction with an Agile Framework teams generally implement Scrum as a form of best practice. Scrum is defined as managing complex software and product development through incremental practices.


  • Encourage frequent adaption and inspections
  • Leadership encouraging teamwork, self-organization and accountability
  • Allows for rapid delivery and development of high-quality software
  • Align with customer needs

Novata Solutions specialises in customising and deploying applications suited to your business’ needs.

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee that is talking to you about an Application suited to your business, let’s combine the two.  

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