How do you tag your information and optimise it for search visibility?

SharePoint endeavors to  continually update their platform allowing business to optimise on content collaboration, remote communication and document management.

Empowering organisations to easily manage content at large scales through a collaborative environment.

SharePoint allows you to implement dynamic meta tagging properties depending on your content type to easily search and store information.


Metadata refers to information about information. It can refer to many kinds of information including locations, a date, or even a catalogue item number.

SharePoint’s metadata management supports a range of approaches from formal taxonomies to user-driven folksonomies.

In addition, SharePoint products offer the flexibility for businesses to choose how much structure and control are given to control the metadata, including:

  • Applying control globally
  • Configure term sets to be closed or open to user contributions
  • Choose enterprise keywords with managed terms

Ensuring that your business keeps a clean, user-friendly, and optimised SharePoint site allows for increased productivity and better efficiency within your SharePoint Environment.

The major benefit of SharePoint meta data is that it improves your company’s content discoverability.

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