What paper-based processes are worth digitising for your business – Part 1

Now more than ever, businesses are transforming their paper-based business processes to online, automated solutions.

There are several factors driving digital workflows. For example, user experience between employee and customers, and other repetitive administrative, finance business processes.


Converting paper-based workflows to online digital workflows means that your business is able to work autonomously and more effectively anywhere, at any time.

Let’s start Migrating…

  • Purchase-to-Order – Every business has policies and procedures in place that allow individuals to authorise purchases and other expenses associated with in a business. Automating this processes can alleviate and decrease the amount of discrepancies that paper-based processes are more susceptible too.
  • Employee Onboarding – We have all experienced this at least once in our lives, where we start a new job and on the first day we are handed a large bundle of papers, from employee details, to finances, and everything in between.
  • Content Approval – A paper based process can be a linear and tedious task. Removing the need to manually hand a document to each person required to collaborate and review it with an automated notification process and one document that is able to be versioned accordingly is more affective.


A Digital Solution allows for an increase in productivity and better management of document collaboration and storage.

  • Improved efficiency.
  • Increased transparency.
  • Encouraging digital culture.

If there is one thing we love more than coffee, it is working with you to provide a Digital Transformation solution suited to your business needs.

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