Which Cloud Service should my business invest in?

The Cloud is simply a metaphor for the internet – it provides on-demand availability of one’s computer system and resources including but not limited to files, folders, applications, and communications.

Questions to consider

  • How are you generating seamless access, communication, and storage within your business?
  • With various Cloud Services to choose from, which one should my company invest in?
  • What is the difference between the major Cloud Service companies?

In this blog we have provided a comparative analysis between Azure and AWS Cloud Services.

Comparative Analysis between Azure and AWS Cloud Services



-         Launched in 2010.

-         Considered one of the largest commercial cloud service providers.

-         Compute: Uses virtual machines to scale.

-         Storage: Easily and effectively able to store large amounts of storage.  

-         Networking: Using a VPN gateway for cross premise connectivity.  

-         Database: Major databases include MySQL and PostgreSQL.

-         Open Source Developers: Provides enterprises with the opportunity to use active directory accounts to sign on and run .Net Frameworks on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

-         Launched in 2006.

-         Compute: Using EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) as a primary solution.

-         Storage: Using S3 (simple storage) offering storage by Glacier data archive and S3 Infrequent access (IA).

-         Networking: Interconnect with different partners and providers.

-         Databases: Using a relational database as a service including RDS, Dynamo DB and Elastic Cache.

-         Open Source Developers:  Welcoming Linux and offering several integrations.

AWS offers business’ the opportunity to securely develop, implement, manage, and monitor their cloud services using real-time solutions.

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