Amazon Web Services commonly referred to as AWS is recognised as a Global Cloud Infrastructure. Offering businesses, the most secure, extensive and reliable Cloud Computing environments from any location, device and time.

Fact:  AWS has over 1 million active users in over 190 countries.

Why Cloud Infrastructure Matters

AWS offers a strategic security solution built to; secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructures for business' both large and small. Four key factors include:

  1. Prevent – This includes defining user permissions and identities, infrastructure protection for a seamless plan.
  2. Detect – Gain visibility and ingest information from your business security via AWS logging and monitoring services. An AWS Cloud Service is a scalable solution for testing and auditing your business plan.
  3. Respond – Enabling automated incident and response recovery to help security teams better respond and analyse information.
  4. Remediate – Leveraging your AWS environment in near real time response and recovery.



  • Securely Scale – An AWS Cloud Services Solution enables you to control where your data is stored, who has access and what resources your organisation is consuming. Offering near real-time security information to ensure all the right resources have the correct access, wherever your businesses information is stored.
  • Automated capabilities – Offering deeply integrated solutions, combined to automate tasks, increasing ease and accessibility for security, developers and operation teams to create and deploy code faster and in a more secure fashion.
  • Built to comply with the highest standards of Privacy and Data Security.
  • Considered the largest Ecosystem of Security Partners and Solutions globally. 

Why Should I Invest in an AWS Cloud Service?

AWS offers business’ the opportunity to securely develop, implement, manage and monitor their cloud services in real-time solutions.

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