Low Code Application Development, Integration

Low-Code Application Development allows for a seamless and flexible integration process across external enterprise systems. Low-Code can allow for a streamlined process in which the need for whole teams to be responsible for managing APIs, micro services and data integration can almost become redundant.

Low-Code can extend the capabilities of your application by integrating charts, client-side behaviour, databases, emails, end user management, and infrastructure, at a lower production time.

Utilising Low-Code Platforms for integration benefits will result in the following:

  • A better focus on the outcome of the product, creating a more rapid development process
  • A cleaner architecture that maintains its pre-defined standards
  • Standardises APIs and reduces maintenance efforts
  • Autimation of Workflows
  • Increased transparency and control of the code
  • Lower cost in maintenance of APIs
  • Usability of APIs
  • Increase of revenue due to the lack of resource required for maintenance and production

What we have found at Novata Solutions is that low-code is starting to heavily be adopted in Western Australia, specifically within the mining and Aged-Care sectors. This is especially true when transforming traditional paper-based forms and intensive manual activities to fully digital, automated workflows and business processes with integration of existing legacy systems.

Our developers have shared their experience below:

“With built in SOAP and REST services, we were able to develop integration between SinoOne and SiPass for one of our clients, CP Mining, easily and quickly. Really love OutSystems' feature to generate all the methods and data structures to integrate with the external system. “ – Qaisar Mewati 

Harnessing low-code platforms, like OutSystems and Microsoft Power Platform, can connect your application to any existing system with ease at a lower cost, creating more revenue for your business.

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