In a world where everything and everyone is considered to have a brand identity, how well are you presenting yourself and your business online?

Fact: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are organic rankings that can be used to improve your company’s online authority, credibility and presence.

Many businesses will dive head first into an SEM campaign, quickly seeing and reaping the benefits of their online presence; however, at what point does your business start weighing up the costs of your SEM strategy in contrast to a SEO strategy?

SEO Defined

Search Engine Optimization is the process of positively impacting a company’s online visibility through organic methods of marketing. SEO is achieved through a set of on-page and off-page techniques which work towards increasing the overall quantity and quality of your digital traffic through content marketing strategies.

SEM Defined

Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining website visibility and increasing your online traffic and presence by paying for positions within a search engine as a form of paid advertising.  

Which strategy is right for my business?

Like most businesses, you’re thinking about how your audience currently views your company and how they will be viewing the company in years to come.

Think Strategically  

  • Consider what topic is relevant to your business and how you would like your target market to identify your company’s products/ services
  • Understand your audience, their wants and needs
  • Identify the right platforms to market on and consider the time of day your audience are likely to be online

Pros of SEO

If you’re not sitting above the fold (within the top five organic searches), then your potential customers more than likely won’t know who you are!

  • Organic rankings improve your company’s credibility and authority
  • Increase in audience, leads and conversions on your website
  • Cost effective solution
  • Proven long-term return on investment

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee, it’s talking to you about a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that suits your business. Let’s combine the two!

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