Why SharePoint?

Ever wondered if there was a more efficient way to run your business, control documents and communicate more clearly with your employees…

SharePoint Solutions implemented by Office365 allows you to do just this – optimising on efficiency and increasing effective communication strategies, allowing your business to run hassle free.

SharePoint is a platform allowing businesses to collaboratively work in teams, solve problems, and implement document management strategies for better efficiency.

SharePoint Collaboration

Core functions

  • Store and manage documents
  • Optimise on communication between employees


  • Documents and folders are evolving pieces of information that provide consistent history and changes
  • Constant communication – SharePoint provides collaboration for efficient communication
  • Encourages collaboration allowing the whole business to be aware and have an input in strategies and implementations

Novata Solutions is a SharePoint Solutions provider in Perth that initiates strategies to effectively run your businesses documents and communication strategies.  

At Novata Solutions there is one thing that we love more than coffee and that is meeting with our clients to discuss how we can help optimise the running of your business.
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