An Agile environment refers to an iterative based approach where project requirements and final solutions evolve throughout each stage of the development process.


American Psychological Researcher Bruce Tuckman, conducted a research project based on group dynamics and in 1965 he published his theory titled “Tuckman’s stages of group development”. Tuckman’s paper discussed the four stages of group development including Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. 

Below we have provided a brief description of each stage in Tuckman’s theory.

  1. Forming – Whenever a new team forms, there is always a little uncertainty, anxiousness, curiosity and excitement as to how the team will “gel”. Generally, members within the team will turn to the team lead for guidance, sense of belonging and security. 
  2. Storming – This stage refers to the “teething stage”, where individuals start to push boundaries and mixed feelings of overwhelming and frustration start to appear. 
  3. Norming – After the initial two stages of uncertainty, some normality starts to take place. This is where boundaries and structure are set and a sense of purpose and belonging is restored.
  4. Performing – Great structure and flow will now occur within the team.

How does this relate to an Agile Environment?  

In conjunction with Tuckman’s theory, an Agile Environment provides teams with a seamless structure and flow for increased productivity, completed through short, iterative, sprints. These short sprints allow for team members to collaborate often and work on providing a positive, seamless solution before major road blocks or significant hurdles start to arise.

Stages of an Agile Environment  

  1. Requirements 
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Testing 
  5. Deployment 
  6. Review

Top Four Benefits  

  1. Increased flexibility
  2. Increased collaboration
  3. Increased transparency 
  4. Results Oriented

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