Your Mobile SEO Strategy

It’s no secret that every year, more individuals spend an extended amount of time on their mobile devices.

There are several ways that you can increase your mobile sites SEO visibility, starting with an audit of how your site is currently performing.

Best Practices

  • Page Speed – As we live in a fast-paced society, we rely on rapid load times and page speed. This can be accomplished by enabling compression, minifying CSS, Javascript and HTML, leveraging your browser caching and optimising images amongst other tasks.
  • Don’t block CSS, JavaScript, or images from your mobile site. Gone are the days where these three were blocked due to compatibility. These three elements are now critical to helping Google understand if your mobile site is responsive or not.
  • Optimise titles and meta descriptions - All SEO strategies require you to optimise titles and meta descriptions to allow search engine algorithms to crawl and index your page accordingly.
  • Refrain from or reduce pop ups – Particularly on a mobile site, pop-ups can cause frustration and stress when the user is unable to easily close them. This in turn increases your sites bounce rate.

Aim for a responsive mobile site that is user friendly and compatible on all devices.  

Actions Required

Continue to monitor and maintain your mobile sites SEO visibility through optimisation and content updates.   

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