SharePoint Health Audit

Keep your SharePoint Environment Optimal

Novata Solutions SharePoint Health Audit is a 2-day engagement that covers both onsite and offsite activities.
The audit is a non-intrusive process, during which no changes are made to your SharePoint environment.
Issues that are identified during the process will be documented along with recommendations to resolve them.

The scope of this assessment covers:

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Application Configuration
  • Architecture
  • Database and Storage
  • Custom Application Development & Third Party Features
  • Security
  • Governance and Boundaries
  • Maintenance and Updates

Deliverables include:

  • Executive Summary including high-level issues along with important recommendation that require urgent attention (if there are any)
  • Recommendations
  • Best Practice Report
  • Complete farm documentation of your current SharePoint implementation including:
    • Apps
    • Security
    • Back Up and Restore
    • Systems Settings
    • Search Topology
    • Farm overview
    • Farm and Site Topology
    • Application Management
    • Monitoring
    • User Licensing
    • General Applications Settings
    • Server performance
    • and More

Why would you need an Audit?

Are you not certain or questioning any of the following;

  • Do I have the right mix of skills to manage my SharePoint environment effectively and efficiently?
  • Do I have the current configurations documented?
  • Am I planning on moving to the cloud?
  • Am I thinking of migrating to a new version of SharePoint?
  • Am I concerned about security breaches?
  • Is SharePoint running slowly and performing poorly?
  • Can I scale my current environments?
  • Can I introduce more users and solutions to our current farm?
  • Are my different environments (Test and Production etc.) exact replicas of each other?
  • Am I spending more time supporting rather than enhancing SharePoint?

Let's work together

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