Harness the power of being un-tethered

At Novata Solutions, we realise that mobility is a top priority for most organisations. In a world where everyone is on-the-go, opportunities for engagement with your organisation need to follow.

We can help increase your organisation’s productivity and operational efficiency, by creating a mobile solution that supports your organisation’s business needs.

OutSystems Mobile Applications

OutSystems Low-Code Rapid Application development allows developers to easily transition your mobile application ideas into a reality for your company within a matter of days.


OutSystems Low-Code platform will cut your development time in half without any compromises of User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX). Mobile features include,

  • Pixel-perfect UX
  • Easily integratable within any system
  • Offline security and functionality’
  • One-click deployment

Contact us to find out more about how we can develop the optimal solution for your mobile needs.
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