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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of Paid Advertising either through Google Ads (PPC) or Social Media Advertising. Paid Search Advertising, also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), refers to popular search engine marketing platforms such as Google Ads (formerly Adwords) to build, manage, and optimise advertising campaigns to attract potential customers to ones' online business.

The second form of SEM is through Social Media Advertising, which is defined as advertisements directly targeted at users on specific social media platforms. When a social advertising strategy is correctly aligned with your target demographics, there is more significant opportunities for conversions and sales.

Why Your Business Needs SEM

  • Increase Return on Investment: Paid Advertising is a strategic way to quickly increase your companies ROI, through strategically targeted campaigns.
  • Increase in online traffic, awareness and engagement to your website.
  • Reporting detailing total spend, Click through Rate (CTR), impressions, reach, calls made through the Ad, user locations and more.
  • Short term strategy, long term benefits!
Search Engine Marketing Perth

Our Strategy

Our strategy focuses on getting to know the client (YOU!) through workshops exploring what your business does, what your unique selling point is, your strengths and weaknesses and if your competitors are using Paid Advertising as part of their marketing strategy.

We focus on four main areas when developing your Creative Ad.

  • Workshops.
  • Market Research and Ad Creatives including written and visual content.
  • Campaign implementation and optimisation.
  • Conversion tracking and reporting .

Why Choose Us

  • We provide an educational approach.
  • Monthly Reports and discussions to ensure your SEM is hitting your target audience.
Search engine marketers of choice

When you partner with Novata Solutions, our first steps are to get to know all about you and your company!

Our team of Digital Marketing specialist have years’ of experience within the industry. They know what to look for and can provide extensive insights into helping your business thrive in the world of digital marketing, providing that competitive edge.

We will introduce you to our team of Digital Marketers and you can introduce us to your team, generally over coffee works for us!

We're looking forward to introducing you to our team of Digital Marketers, over coffee of course!


What does SEM stand for?

SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

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